Sarasota Paver Sealing & Coating

Here in the greater Sarasota area, brick pavers are very popular for creating patios and other wonderful areas for both entertainment and for relaxation. It is generally considered that they are considered to be maintenance free, but in truth, they are not.  Brick patios don’t require the annual cleaning and staining that a wood deck often does, but paver areas that are left unmaintained over time will regress to an unattractive, faded out and unleveled area, often overtaken by weeds. Some basic maintenance can solve this problem. The Florida weather constantly attacks your patio, just like every other exterior area of your home,  Ultraviolet rays from the strong sunlight cause fading of the colors of the bricks.  In addition, Florida’s heavy rains wash the sand out of the brick joints. This erosion will eventually cause the bricks to become uneven, possibly causing a tripping hazard.  The erosion also facilitates weed growth in the joints between the bricks.  And pretty soon, you’ll soon discover ants (including the dreaded fire ant), beginning to colonize in these joints, making your patio or driveway their new home. Here in Sarasota, paver sealing is the solution protect the patio areas with a water-based sealer. Unlike solvent-based sealers, water-based sealers will harden, or solidfy the sand in the joints. This will help prevent the sand from washing out when it rains in the future. It also makes it hard for most weeds to take hold or for fire ants to colonize through the sand. Sealers often will also add an attractive “wet look” to the paver bricks. This wet look brings out the colors of the stones, and give them a rich, vibrant appearance. Here at Sarasota Pressure Washing, we have a great deal of experience treating and maintaining brick paver sealing here in the greater Sarasota -Bradenton area.  Let us transform your recreational area from an eyesore to an eye catching vision!

sarasota paver sealing

Cleaning pavers is simply not enough. You need to seal them to make sure they look pristine for the longest possible time. Not only you will make the pavers look new and clean but you will also extend their life span considerably. That being said, the first step is to clean them, using pressure washing techniques, to clean the surface of any moss, stains, dirt, or debris that may be present. Once the area is adequately prepared, the sealer can be applied. Professional sealing will create a protective barrier on top of the pavers which repel oil, water and any foreign element to which the pavers might be exposed.

The benefits of sealing your pavers include:

  • Stabilized joint sand which also deters weed growth and insect activity and reinforces the ingegrity of the paved area.
  • Improved resistance to undesired stains caused by oil, food/drink spills, etc. Certain sealers also protect against salts, acids, & corrosive substances.
  • Sealers bring out & intensify the natural paver colors, thereby enhancing the appearance of your recreational area.
  • Results in a surface that is faster and easier to clean, for simplified ongoing maintenance.